How do I manage my hosting business

How do I manage my hosting business

Your hosting business will cost you time and some money. More time than money. It is also imperative that you learn from our videos and apply those solutions to clients requests. 

The faster you learn the less dependent you will become on your hosting company. Many our our clients outsource their support function to Host Direct, in which case we apply our non-circumvention and non-disclosure policy to ensure that your clients are safe with us.

Managing a dedicated server as a beginner is an absolute nightmare. Hackers are really smart when it comes to hacking servers and testing their skills on innocent hard working companies. There is no way out, other than to learn how to configure and manage your dedicated server from scratch.

There is an abundance of information on the internet explaining how to configure your dedicated server, if you wish to do it yourself. The best way to learn is to acquire a dedicated server yourself and practise with it. Install your operating system and any additional software that you will require.

Learn  to divide your dedicated server into virtual machines and allocate resources such as disk space, memory and so on. Monitor the virtual machines by reading log files to understand what went wrong or right. Install cPanel and WHM on a VPS (virtual private server - same as a virtual machine) to learn how they work. 
Finally you will have to install a CMS (content management system) and webhosting client management software to automate your tasks. 
Automated tasks include, account creation, suspension and deletion, domain registrations, domain transfers, frontend sales and support desk, and numerous other daily tasks. 

The Easy way...

Choose a hosting company that will integrate your support desk into its own.

Let's first see what it is that your client want:
  • I want a great website that attracts visitors, day and night (other time zones)
  • I want my website to be online 24 hours per day
  • I want my e-mails to be online 24 hours per day
  • I want to be found by search engines
  • I want the same service for my clients
The easiest way to lose a client is if your server is not reachable / offline. The best way to gain a client's loyalty is to make sure that all of the above prevails and that you provide a robust support desk to offer solutions.

When Host Direct started out we did not even have a VPS, we had a reseller account with a local ISP which gave us the basic security that we needed. As soon as we realised that there were many limitations in our ISP's product, we decided to go it alone. After many years of learning, we find that clients depend on our expertise and we are able to offer our experience to others in the industry.

Whats available at Host Direct

Managed dedicated servers
Managed VPS 
Managed Reseller Accounts
Domain Reseller Accounts - local and international
Domain Management Console
All software necessary to run a hosting reseller business
Website Builder for all or selected clients
Web Host Management Module - includes a front end online store,
And Built in Support and Chat system
We include +/- 400 apps in your control panel such as Magento, Wordpress, Lime Survey, PhPList and so on
All licenses are covered in your reseller hosting fee

With these features enabled, you will be able to offer your customers a professional world-class web solution without limitations.
Referrals will increase and your business will grown. The great thing about our clients is that as they grow they keep coming back for additional products and services, enabling a continuous flow of new business.

We realise that many of our new clients have limited experience with the technical side of hosting. As a result we have developed an outstanding support system where we are able to assist your clients should the need arise. In other words we share our support desk with your clients. Our technical support desk does not handle sales or any new business enquiries. Clients will always be pointed back to you. Host Direct will NOT accept an order from its reseller's client. 


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